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CNC Milling and Turning of Steel Clevis Block with Value-Added Services

CNC Milling and Turning of Steel Clevis Block with Value-Added Services
CNC Milling and Turning of Steel Clevis Block with Value-Added Services

Solutions Manufacturing understands their customers need for an end to end solution from a single source. Since 1994, industries from electronics and communications to food service and material handling have recognized us as their trusted source for full service precision CNC machining.

This air cylinder clevis manufactured for the agricultural equipment industry is just one example of how our core machining capabilities, backed by our diverse value added services has earned us a reputation for achieving project objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The clevis was made of 1018 steel with dimensions of 1.750" x 1.000" diameter, and called for multi-axis hole-drilling with a fully tapped 1/2"-20 thread. At a glance, it could be presumed our capable multi-axis CNC equipment could make the complete part in one machine, which at low volume is true, however, with 50,000 pieces we needed a cost effective method for speed & efficiency, while maintain quality throughout the entire process.

After procuring the blanks, we had them turned to 1.000"diameter utilizing an automated 2-axis lathe with bar feed and parts catcher, which was monitored to ensure no pits or scratches were introduced to the surface as they were collected. Then they were transferred to a multi-station fixture where they were milled with a special slotting cutter, and the holes were drilled and tapped.

After all machining processes were complete, the parts were deburred in a tumble deburr machine, heat treated to a depth of .020"-.030" and clear zinc plated. Finally, all parts were then carefully packaged to prevent damage.

Essentially, this customer could have used 5 different vendors to make this part, however, our diverse machining capability, value added services and commitment to our customer’s total process development removed the burdens of procurement, and lowered their operating costs.

To learn more about this project, or how we can put our CNC turning to work for you, please see the chart below or contact us directly today.

Highlights of CNC Turned Clevis Box

CNC Turning Capabilities Applied/Processes
Material Procurement
CNC Turning
Milling and Drilling - Custom Multi-Station Fixture

Tumble Deburring
Heat Treating
Zinc Plating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Takisawa Horizontal Turning Center with Iemca Magazine Bar Feed
1018 Steel
Material Finish
Clear Zinc Plated
Overall Dimensions
1.750" x 1" diameter
In process testing/inspection performed
Visual Inspection, Dimensional Inspection
50,000 per Year Blanket with 5,000 Releases
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
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